Primate started the Hidden Gems Project after recognizing that there is a copious number of talented artists out there that haven’t got the recognition that we think they deserve. With a team that is built of artists we wanted to implement something to help address this problem and give back to a community that has given us so much. So,
we started the Hidden Gems Project, a program that features artist’s work on our boards to help gain them recognition to further their careers.


First, we pick out a month to feature the artist. It is usually 2-4 months from the current month to allow the artist enough time.


Once the artist’s month is set, we then let the artist choose a blank deck from any of our deck shapes and send them that deck.
The artist will have from the day they receive the deck to two weeks before their month to design the deck however they want in whatever medium they want and send it back to us.


Also, during the time they have to design the deck they will be required to come up with an additional 3-5 designs that we will replicate on our decks and sell on our website.


Once it is time for us to feature the artist for the entire month, we will take the deck that they designed and run a two week long online raffle for it. We promote the raffle on all our social platforms and on our website. Anyone can enter the raffle and their chance to win the artist’s board by buying $1 raffle tickets. For every ticket that someone buys it is equivalent to one entry in the raffle. We start the raffle on the 1st of the month and draw the winner on the 15th. All proceeds made from the raffle are donated back to the artist. During the two weeks that the raffle is running, our artists here at Primate will pick 3 of the 5 additional designs that the artist sent us and replicate those designs onto our decks. Then, those 3 designs will be released on the night of the 15th after we draw the winner of the raffle. The artist receives %10 commission off every board that sells with their design on it for the lifetime of those designs.


Every artist that is featured in the Hidden Gems Programgets their personal/professional brand promoted to tens of thousands of people that view our website and and follow our social platforms.